Website Design/Hosting

Your online presence is more important then ever. We create modern, professional web sites to help you connect with your customers. Our managed hosting removes the server management hastle and setup details in getting your new or updated site to be online immediately. With every website we take the extra step to exceed your expectations.

Web Development

We specialize in developing online software and applications. We use the latest technology to mold a software to your project requirements. From database user management and scheduling applications to e-commerce and 'in the cloud' software, we handle to technical details to keep you online.

  • AJAX/Javascript
  • Web 2.0

Scrip Manager

Scrip Manager ( is our leading Software as a Service product. This 'in the cloud' software was developed in 2003 and enables organizations to easily manage scrip fund raising programs. Scrip Manager can organize orders, track inventory, record payments, keep track of tuition credits, print/export reports all from the convenience of the internet in your home or office.

Our Work

Please view our portfolio and see why many businesses choose MM Web Design.